• Savannah Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can make you feel like a new person. An elevated, sophisticated version of yourself. Whether your goal is enhanced length, volume, or both, we have solutions to best suit your lifestyle. Our extension experts have all taken their education and experience to a new level with advanced extension certifications. If you'd like to learn more, we encourage you to reserve an extension consultation with one of our specialists. They will guide you on the best options to achieve your hair goals and discuss the various methods, maintenance and pricing.

All of our service providers work on a level system. The level system accomplishes two main goals. The first is to provide a career path of growth and achievement for our team. The second is to provide several options for your various service needs. Service providers achieve level promotions based on the demand for their time. Guests may choose the level that best fits their needs and their budget.

Hand-tied Extensions | priced per consultation

One of the most popular extension techniques! Hand-tied extensions are versatile, comfortable and damage-free. These extensions blend seamlessly, and allow to wear your hair in a variety of styles without your bonds showing. This method offers 8-10 weeks of average wear before a reinstall is needed.

Unseen Row Extensions | priced per consultation

Invisible Bead Extensions utilizes rows of extension hair that wrap around the head in a horseshoe shape. Typically, the application is made up of between 1-3 rows of hair. The rows or hair are attached by anchoring a row of beads in a horseshoe around your head, and then stitching the extension hair to it.

Tape-In Extensions | priced per consultation

Tape-in extensions are human-hair adhesive extensions that are applied easily, without tools or heat. Extensions can be reused several times, and installation is typically faster than other extension methods.

Halo Extensions | priced per consultation

Halo Extensions are a removable, versatile solution to add volume and length to your hair. Halos are custom fitted to sit on your head like a halo, thanks to the miracle wire. Extensions are color matched to your hair color, and custom fitted and blended. This method offers a convenient alternative to extensions that have to be installed and maintained.