Tannah – Level 4 Stylist

Tannah – Level 4 Stylist

How long have you been in the hair industry and what is your favorite service to do?
-“I’ve been in the industry and licensed for 5 years now and my favorite service to do Balayage! I love doing hair color that grows out seamlessly and is low maintenance!”

When you’re not at the salon, what can you be found doing in your free time?
-“I love continuing my education by watching hair and/or make up videos! I also love going on walks outdoors and enjoying the beautiful scenery that Savannah has to offer!”

One thing that someone may not know about you?
-“I am a die hard country music lover and would never pass up the opportunity to see a concert! Concerts have the best energy!”

Find Tannah on Instagram- @TannahPaintsHair

Training Certifications-

Brazilian Blowout

Keratin Complex